Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maximus Child Support In Shelby County Tennessee

This post simply disappeared from here, and I cannot find the article that I had posted. I am sorry about this. Please click the link below for my other article on Shelby County child support.

For information on how to file a complaint against Maximus Click Here.

Maximus Will Remain in Shelby County, Tn until 2014. Click here to read more. 

Here is a great article from News Channel 3 in Memphis that discusses MAXIMUS SHORTFALLS IN SHELBY COUNTY, which is 6.3 million dollars short. This video/news article is very informative, and shows  statistics on their collections. When News Channel 3 contacted Maximus about this video report, Maximus REFUSED to speak with them. How surprising! You can read the article by CLICKING HERE. Update on this link August 2012: Apparently this news story has been removed, and is no where to be found on Channel 3 news any longer. However, you can see a screen shot from the Way Back Machine, of the original article here. This news story did exist, it has simply been removed. How convenient. 

I have a new post with links to the Congressman for the different districts in Tennessee. Please check out this post. Click Here To Find Your Congressman For Your District

Tennessee Privatizes Child Support and Signs 49 million dollar contract with Maximus. You can read more about this Here and Here

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